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Driver carry increased 10 Yards.
Ball Speed increased 2 MPH.
Slice Spin decreased 279 RPMs.

— Golf Etc. of America

In independent testing conducted by Golf Etc. of America, JumboMax® Grips outperformed conventional golf grips in 73% of categories tested! USGA conforming JumboMax grips fit your hands better and provide superior control while promoting relaxed grip pressure. The result is a more fluid swing, faster club head speed, and more consistent squaring of the clubface for longer, straighter drives and improved accuracy from tee to green. Download the test data.

Mike Dobbyn

"I make my living by hitting golf balls as far as possible, so to find a grip that allows me to relax the tension in my hands gives me that much more of an advantage"

"To hit it far, you need to swing fast, not hard. JumboMax grips allow me to do that. Another bonus is that I don't have to worry about the dreaded snap-hook shot. Because of the grip, I'm able to release the club as hard and as fast as I want, and the ball won't go left unless I do something really dumb in my swing."

"I LOVE these grips, and you will too!"

— Mike Dobbyn
World Long Drive Champion
Winner of the 2012 LDA Mile High Shootout
Second on the 2011 LDA Tour money list
World Record Holder of a 551 yard drive during a Butch Harmon Pro Tour Event

"Why hasn't anyone thought of this before? As soon as my customers hit a club with a JumboMax Grip on it, they are amazed at the results!"

chris plummer"These grips have completely changed my outlook on grip fitting. While being able to hold the club with a lot less tension, my customers are able to release the club more easily, therefore allowing them to hit the ball longer and straighter.

I truly believe that JumboMax grips are going to have as big of an impact in the grip category as graphite shafts and titanium clubheads have had in their respective areas. This one is a game changer in the golf industry!

They have become my #1 selling grip!"

— Chris Plummer
Manager, The Villages Custom Club Shop
Ping Regional Clubfitter of the Year 2006
Callaway Regional Clubfitter of the Year 2006 and 2009

Nike Advisory Board Member

"I love the feel, the forgiveness, and the performance of these grips!"

"With JumboMax® Grips I've found that I don't try to manipulate my shots with the smaller muscles. I'm using more body, less hands. This has resulted in more fairways and greens. I'm especially happy with the improvement in my short game!

After years of playing golf, I've had arthritis issues with my fingers, hands, wrists, and elbows. Using JumboMax Grips I've had no pain at all.

If I'd had JumboMax Grips on my wedges 10 or 12 years ago, I would have made millions on the Champions Tour."

— Lon Hinkle, 3-Time PGA Tour Winner.

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As featured in Golfweek Magazine.

JumboMax® Grips help Team USA clinch victory at the 29th Biennial World Amateur Team Championships
JumboMax Grips helped Team USA capture a win at the 29th Biennial World Amateur Team Championships held September 9 - 14, 2014 at Karuizawa 72 East in Japan. Team USA collected the Eisenhower Trophy by finishing ahead of a field of 67 international teams who competed in the Men's Division this year. One of the USA team members, who played a key role in clinching the victory, has been using JumboMax oversized grips for several years now.
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JumboMax Grips receive a 5-Star rating on GolfLife TV. Watch the review.

JumboMax® Grips Help Top Collegiate Golfer Earn Individual Medalist Honors at the Erin Hills Intercollegiate Tournament.

JumboMax Grips continued its winning ways in the collegiate ranks by helping one of the top ranked amateurs in the world, a junior from SMU, finish at 4-under par and collect the individual medalist honors at the Erin Hills Intercollegiate Tournament held October 5 - 7, 2014. The junior from Clovis, California tallied three birdies and no bogeys in his final round for a total of 11 birdies for the tournament. He’s been playing JumboMax Grips for several years now.
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JumboMax Grips Help Top Amateur Golfer Earn Victory at LasPo Open.

JumboMax Grips continued its winning ways in the amateur ranks by helping one of the top ranked players in the nation, a native of Clovis, California, capture a five-shot victory at the LasPo Open held at the Las Positas Golf Course in Livermore, CA recently.

This was his second victory in as many weeks as he shot a final round of 1-under par, wrapping up not only the NCGA Valley Amateur Championship title, but also NCGA Player of the Year honors the week before. More news > called JumboMax Grips, "One of the most interesting new products in golf shops now".

logo"JumboMax golf grips are designed to fit the anatomy of the human hand in a way that feels completely natural and allows golfers to grip the club so that the hands function correctly and efficiently, promoting better control and longer, straighter golf shots with much less effort".

"You can instantly swing faster and with more power."

logo"As a longtime golf writer I have seen enough product samples over the years to fill a warehouse. Few live up to the hype. But JumboMax grips are the real deal! ...The feeling on your hand is so natural, and you can instantly swing faster and with more power. Even with a thicker grip, and contrary to popular thought, it was easy for me to hit my normal high draw with my driver."

— Steven J. Austin, Golf and Travel writer